Though I have lived in Norway for three years, I have never been to Jotunheimen where highest mountains are located. So I decided to give it a shot to go for a day trip to Knutshøe, one of the mountains in Jotunheimen.

I read it takes 4-5 hours for a round trip to Knutshøe and that I can start hiking from a parking place beside the highway. The picture was taken in the beginning of the trip and you can see the snow on the mountain in July.


The track was straightforward but it is nice to take a whole picture of the trip just in case. My goal was to see Gjende, the beautiful lake that you can see on the top of Knutshøe.


I thought it was all about hiking and not climbing. Unfortunately, I had to manage to climb steep slopes in the beginning and the end of the trip. The rest of the trip was easy and basically going forward. I recommend to bring a pair of mountain gloves and nice hiking shoes before the trip to Knutshøe. It might be dangerous to bring young kids and for people with extreme acrophobia.


I am finally on the top of the mountain and could see Gjende from there. The picture does not show the actual color of the lake but it had a very unique emerald color which was quite different from other lakes around the mountain.


The weather got much better on the way down the mountain and I could see many colorful wild flowers. It is amazing that they survived on this rocky mountain.


There are many great mountains in Korea. But the difference between the mountains in Korean and Norway is I can enjoy the scenic view without many people around in Norway.



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